To enhance your caviar experience, Pearls of Persia selects only the most precious
jewels of sturgeon caviar with passion and expertise.

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Gourmet retailers, along with corporate clients, prestigious hotels and restaurants have chosen Pearls of Persia to add sparkle to their luxury events and delight their distinguished guests. Our precious pearls are vacuum-sealed in our elegant Pearls of Persia tins of 30g to 1Kg and shipped within 48h wordwide. We offer a unique selection of the finest caviar available, directly sourced and discriminantly selected from the most reputable fish farms around the world.


A taste of legend

Harking back to its Persian roots, the word caviar comes from “khaye-dar”, which means “egg-bearing”.

Often called Jurassic fish or even “living fossil”, the oldest trace of sturgeon dates back over 30 million years, reinforcing the mythical nature of its precious eggs.

Myriad legends surround the benefits of caviar. Formerly called “bread of love” or “blood boiler” by the Persians, it is not uncommon to hear of its aphrodisiac qualities, in view of its action on blood circulation. The beneficial effects of caviar do not however end there: its high content of acetylcholine increases tolerance for alcohol, serving as a remedy for excess consumption, and its health virtues even led the last tsar to have it served to his children as a daily breakfast treat.

Originally, it was not its eggs but the sturgeon itself which was appreciated by kings, queens, emperors and pharaohs. However, references to caviar date back to the 4th century BC, Aristotle praising it in one of his writings. One of the most coveted delicacies in the world, caviar successively adorned the banquet tables of the Byzantine emperors and Russian czars, before seducing the Parisian elite during the Roaring Twenties.