Sourcing the pearls

Over the past century, overfishing of wild sturgeon has placed it among endangered species. To mitigate this risk and preserve the prodigal fish, producers have gradually turned to aquaculture farming methods, allowing the fish to develop in a natural environment close to its natural habitat.

Created under the impetus of an Iranian entrepreneur, Pears of Persia naturally places great emphasis on the “Caspian experience” in the choice of its suppliers, for a farmed caviar which shares the purity and flavors its wild counterpart.

Beyond Iran, the Pearls of Persia caviar comes from the best Scandinavian farms but also from China, where the sturgeons are raised in an idyllic setting, close to the Russian border.

According to an environmentally responsible approach, Pearls of Persia selects its caviar in sustainable aquaculture farms, respectful of local ecosystems.

The complexity and sensitivity of the noble roe calls for a flawless harvesting and production process. The resources and production methods of our suppliers are therefore subject to evaluation and continuous monitoring. The sturgeon is a fragile and delicate fish which requires a lot of space per pool, as no obstacle should hinder its development. For optimal traceability, Pearls of Persia closely monitors all stages of production, from harvesting to egg selection and from breeding to consumption. A qualitative supply chain also guarantees compliance with environmental standards, hygiene and health requirements. From the production in refrigerated laboratories to final delivery, the cold chain is scrupulously maintained. Shipped within 24 hours, the black pearls are stored in isothermal packaging with ice packs.

To preserve its flavour, caviar should be savoured with a pearl or porcelain spoon, or even plastic if need be. Silver cutlery indeed poses a risk of oxidation during the consumption of this unique delicacy. Pearls of Persia also offers delivery of appropriate accessories for optimal tasting. And for gourmets short of inspiration, recipe and presentation ideas are available here.