Huso Huso

Farmed in its native waters in the legendary Caspian Sea, Pearls of Persia is proud to offer the caviar produced by the rarest and largest of all sturgeon fishes. The beautiful Huso Huso Beluga, “tsar fish” and king of all sturgeons, can exceed 1,000 kg in weight and live up to 100 years. It takes around 15 to 20 years for female to reach sexual maturity.
Its glistening, silver grains are the largest of the Persian Pearls and provide the finest caviar the world… Ranging from metallic to dark grey in colour, our Beluga caviar leaves creamy tasting notes with a soft texture that melts in the mouth for the most divine sensation.


Acipencer Shrenckii * Huso Dauricus

A cross breed from the female Huso Dauricus sturgeon and from the male species Acipencer Schrenckii also known as “Amur sturgeon” from the name of the river where it is found across the Chinese-Russian border, this sturgeon matures in the 8th to 10th year, lives up to 60 years and weights over 50kg.
The Imperial Gold is our most coveted caviar. Its royal grains will delight the most refined palates with the nutty, buttery flavour of its firm, golden eggs.


Acipenser gueldenstaedtii

The wild Osetra sturgeons originate from the Caspian and Black Seas, producing one of the three most famous and sought after types of caviar, alongside its Beluga and Sevruga cousins. Maturing around the 10 to 11th year, the Osetra sturgeon can reach over 20 kg and lives up to 50 years.
The prestigious Oscietra caviar is known by connoisseurs for its delicate but firm texture and its light yet subtle aroma of nuts. Its firm roes are famous for their silk texture that literally melts in the mouth.


Acipenser Baeri

Often referred to as the Siberian Sturgeon, the Acipenser Baeri is a species native to Siberia and presently the biggest supply on the international market. Living up to 20 years, its average weight exceeds 15kg. It takes around 7 to 8 years for females to reach maturity and produce the precious eggs.
This variety of caviar is mild in saltiness and grey to black in colour. Its medium-sized dark eggs leave a woody, harmonious flavour with a strong taste of the sea.